How to InternLink in Bulk on Programmatic SEO Pages

How to InternLink in Bulk on Programmatic SEO Pages

Now that you have all your programmatic SEO pages set up, we want to interlink these pages programmatically. You have two options: either do it through a plugin or through a script. In this article, I will show you how to programmatically link your pages, articles, or listings in all possible ways.

Internal Linking In Bulk Using WordPress Plugins

There are numerous WordPress plugins available that provide the option to interlink your pages in bulk. You’ll need to input your target keywords and a link to each of the pages. Additionally, there are both free and paid plugins. We’ll explore the top WordPress plugins for bulk interlinking.

#1 Link Whisper

Using LinkWhisper, you can set up interlinking on your WordPress websites. At scale, you’ll need to prepare a spreadsheet with a list of keywords linking to specific pages. Once you have all the pages and their corresponding keywords listed, you can either copy-paste them into the plugin tab for the auto-linking feature, or export the sheet to CSV format and import it into the website to set up interlinking options in WordPress. The plugin costs $97 and is currently considered the best option for programmatic SEO interlinking.


When designing your dataset in your spreadsheet, you can specify keywords for each page you’re targeting. Then, set up the slug for the page. When importing your data into your website’s content template, specify the interlinking as dynamic content along with the dynamic keywords in the text. The plugin offers freemium featuress, or you can purchase it for $199.

#3 Interlinks Manager

The Interlinks Manager plugin is a powerful tool for WordPress with various functions. It allows you to import interlinks in bulk and offers options such as analyzing interlinking on your website, detecting 404 errors, and automatically creating interlinks through set rules. Additionally, you can export internal links as CSV format, design interlinking in a spreadsheet and import it, or set automated rules to interlink to specific pages using keywords.

Internal Linking In Bulk Using a Python Script

You can interlink your pages in bulk using a Python script and set a series of rules for the script to execute. Additionally, you’ll need a CSV file containing all your pages, URLs, and targeted keywords. You can obtain the keywords you want to target from your Google Search Console by exporting them, cleaning them, and storing them in a separate spreadsheet. Furthermore, you can utilize AI integration with Google Sheets to suggest the top anchor text for the keywords.

Once your spreadsheet is ready, save it in CSV format. Then, execute your script to retrieve data and update your database. It’s essential for the script to connect to your database, regardless of the CMS you are using.

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